Thieves' Guild

Official Name: The Thieve’s Guild
Identity: Public
Alignment: Bad
Status: Active
Universe/Reality: Universe Prime


Team Member(s): The Bola, The Huckster, Looking Glass, The Mad Apple, The Weather Mistress
Former Team Members: The Firebug

Appearance History

Issue Number
Issue #1
Issue Date
June 1, 2012
The Freedom City Police Department asked the heroes to help apprehend the villainous Thieves’ Guild, who were looting a casino. While not with perfectly precision, the heroes overcame the villains; but, before they could enjoy the accolades of their victory, the world around them vanishes. They found themselves trapped in the limitless void of the Terminus, being handed a grand and epic quest by a mysterious force, known as the Norn.

Thieves' Guild

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