Official Name: The Terminus
First Appearance: Issue #1

Location Information

Reality/Universe: The Terminus

Known Residents

  • Norn
  • Omega


It is a cosmic void between infinite realities, a place where reality as we know it begins to break down and spiral towards oblivion. It is entropy, annihilation, the Ultimate End. Dr. Atom dubbed it “the Terminus,” which is how a handful of people on Earth know it. While many Freedonians remember the Terminus Invasion, they generically think of the Terminus as some other world, like Mars, or some parallel dimension. They don’t think about it—or don’t want to think about it—as the embodiment of universal entropy.

The Terminus apparently exists “between” the various dimensional planes of existence. It has been likened to the flow of a river. If every universe and dimension is a stone lying at the bottom of a stream, then the Terminus is the water surrounding them, slowly wearing them smooth. Some arcane scholars liken the Terminus to the serpent swallowing its own tail, the “end” of the Cosmic Coil (if such a thing can be said to have an end or a beginning). The junior members of the Atom Family have also referred to the Terminus as “the cosmic garbage disposal,” since it apparently grinds up parts of other realities. Castoff bits and pieces of other universes drift through the void of the Terminus, all of them slowly and inexorably pulled toward the Void, where they are apparently annihilated.

Still, there is life within the Terminus. Amidst the rubble and debris of shattered universes are entire worlds, some of them still inhabited. These worlds survive as best they can, some overtaken by raiders, others fending off attacks and managing to thrive. The Terminus seems to bend some physical laws, allowing worlds in slow orbit of the Void to survive without the heat and light of stars, adapting to the dim eternal red skies of the glowing Void. Some aliens have existed in the Terminus for millennia and have long forgotten their original homes.

The Terminus is also home to many strange things, either exiled from their own universes or somehow created by the weird, malleable reality of the place. The Terminus is home to alien prisoners and exiles, dead and forgotten gods, remnants of wars that destroyed universes long before ours was born, and ruins left behind by titanic races long extinct.

The Terminus’ self-proclaimed ruler is Lord Omega, who commands a mighty army of drone soldiers converted to absolute obedience to his will. Omega wields tremendous power over the forces of entropy and can protect worlds from the Great Void, an act that often earns him their allegiance. He claims all creation will eventually fall to the Terminus, but has grown impatient after millions of years and desires to hasten the process. For more than a millennium, Omega has extended the influence of the Terminus and caused it to “consume” other realities. He has attempted to do so with Earth on previous occasions, only to be beaten back by Earth’s superheroes each time.


Issue Number
Issue #1
Issue Date
June 1, 2012
The Freedom City Police Department asked the heroes to help apprehend the villainous Thieves’ Guild, who were looting a casino. While not with perfectly precision, the heroes overcame the villains; but, before they could enjoy the accolades of their victory, the world around them vanishes. They found themselves trapped in the limitless void of the Terminus, being handed a grand and epic quest by a mysterious force, known as the Norn.


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