Southside Freedom

Official Name: Soutside, The District of
First Appearance: Issue 1

Location Information

Reality/Universe: Universe Prime
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Star System: Sol System
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
State/Province: New Jersey
City: Freedom City

Points of Interest


South of the Boardwalk is the Southside district of the city, bounded by Route 4 to the east and Route 6 to the west. Southside is mostly middle and lower-middle class, but growing pockets of poverty and crime have been eating away at the community for years. Much of the housing near the Boardwalk has dropped in value as crime and gang activities have increased. Many parts of Southside have seen crack houses and meth dealers spring up, get rooted out by the police, then show up somewhere down the street. Areas of low-income housing seem to breed crime, and people are careful about avoiding parts of Southside at night.

The southern most area of Southside remains the safest and most middle-class, centered on the Freedom College campus and Jordan International Airport. However, property values near the airport tend to be fairly low, creating a kind of “buffer zone” of cheap housing. Freedom College is an accredited state college with something of a reputation as a “party school” and some local businesses (legal and otherwise) cater to the interests of college students looking for a good time.

Even Southside is seeing the impact of the prosperity of Freedom City, with more money going into public works and new construction. But, as some point out, there are concerns that the contractors and construction companies getting that money are influenced by organized crime, merely strengthening their position in Southside.

Southside Freedom

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