Paradise Casino

Official Name: Paradise Casino, Hotel, and Lounge
First Appearance: Issue 1

Location Information

Reality/Universe: Universe Prime
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Star System: Sol System
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
City: Freedom City
District: South Freedom
Neighborhood: Southside


One of the newer additions to Southside Freedom’s burgeoning Boardwalk gaming area, Paradise is designed to transport its patrons to a more temperate (and tacky) version of a tropical resort and get them to blow the family nest-egg there. The ranch-style building occupies an area within a tightly spaced block of casinos, including the Southside Palace, Golden Calf, and Atlantis. The front portion is claimed by the gaming, lounge, and dining areas, with the hotel rooms placed in the rear.

Paradise’s grand, neon-lit marquee and exteriors are decorated with artificial palm trees and other assorted faux exotic trappings. The building walls are adobe layered over mundane brick and stone, and are largely windowless outside the hotel area and the large, well-lit main casino entryway. All other entrances to the gaming area are covered with large, metal security doors, warded over by state of the art anti-burglary equipment.

Beyond the main entrance atrium and its ex-boxing-champion greeters is the casino area: one large, continuous high-ceilinged room filled with slot machines and gaming tables. Directly opposite the atrium are the areas closed to the public, such as the counting room, vault, offices and surveillance room. Above the off-limits area is a partial second floor occupied by the casino manager’s office, which offers an unobstructed view of the casino floor from behind large angled one-way mirrors.

Paradise’s lounge and dining areas are directly accessible from the gaming area, but the hotel rooms (and the famous indoor pool) can be reached only by traveling the entire length of the casino and running its full gauntlet of temptations. The lounge area also has an off-limits back area with offices and the performer’s dressing rooms. Naturally, the lounge serves drinks strong enough to make ma and pa bet junior’s college fund. To help them make back their losses, the dining area serves up its meals buffet style.

Paradise Casino

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