Lantern Hill

Official Name: Lantern Hill, The Neighborhood of
First Appearance: Issue 1

Location Information

Reality/Universe: Universe Prime
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Star System: Sol System
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America

Points of Interest


The north side of the peninsula along the Wading River rises to a hill that is the site of some of the oldest settlement in the Freedom area. Lantern Hill was built up in Revolutionary times and became one of the most exclusive neighborhoods for judges, bankers, and the “old money” of Freedom City.

These days, Lantern Hill isn’t as exclusive as it used to be. The garden apartments and row houses are still wonderful examples of 18th and 19th century architecture, many of them having undergone modern renovations. The neighborhood has a distinctly colonial flavor with narrower, tree-lined streets, brick-front buildings, and small garden plots or window boxes of flowers.

Lantern Hill is home to a number of historical sites, from the home of Revolutionary War hero Major Joseph Clark to the Lantern Hill Cemetery and one of Freedom’s oldest houses of worship, Saint Stephen’s Church. It is better known as the haunt of the mysterious Lantern Jack, mystic watchman of Freedom since the days of the Revolutionary War.

In addition to Lantern Jack, the Hill is known for the occasional haunting, weird sighting, or other paranormal event, often connected to the city’s colonial history (such as the witch-trials of the 17th century) or even to when Lantern Hill was a sacred spot to the local Native American tribes.

Local Map

Lantern hill ashton

Lantern Hill

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