Freedom City Police Department

Official Name: Freedom City Police Department
Identity: Public
Alignment: Good
Status: Active
Universe/Reality: Universe Prime


Team Leader(s): Police Commissioner Barbara Kane
Team Member(s): Captain Maddicks

Appearance History

Issue Number
Issue #1
Issue Date
June 1, 2012
The Freedom City Police Department asked the heroes to help apprehend the villainous Thieves’ Guild, who were looting a casino. While not with perfectly precision, the heroes overcame the villains; but, before they could enjoy the accolades of their victory, the world around them vanishes. They found themselves trapped in the limitless void of the Terminus, being handed a grand and epic quest by a mysterious force, known as the Norn.


The Freedom City Police Department is a shining example thanks to the work of people like Mayor O’Connor and Police Commissioner Barbara Kane. One of the first goals of the O’Connor administration was cleaning up corruption within the FCPD. Mayor O’Connor sought an honest cop in a police department rife with graft under the leadership of the thoroughly corrupt Commissioner Roy Alquist, long-time crony of Franklin Moore.

The Terminus Invasion interrupted the search but showed the mayor part of his city’s future when Captain Barbara Kane held together a squad of terrified but dutiful cops and a few rookie superheroes to defend Bayview against a group of Omegadrones. She was the kind of cop the mayor wanted and later appointed to the Commissioner’s post over other senior police officials. Many of them objected but soon resigned rather than face Internal Affairs investigations of their past activities. Although there are still some hard feelings among the officers of the department over the “inquisition,” most agree the new FCPD is better organized and run than ever.

The city government spares no expense for Kane or her department, but they also expect a return on their investment. Commissioner Kane regularly assures the mayor and city council that crime rates in the Freedom City area will decrease, as has been the case over the past eight years. Officers work on improving the safety of outlying neighborhoods and crack down on smuggling and organized crime. If the department’s success rate continues, Commissioner Kane is sure to keep her job directing the city’s police force. She has certainly earned the respect of the public and the men and women under her command.

Freedom City Police Department

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