The Freedom City Chronicles

Issue 1: The End of Worlds


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters




With all other major super-hero organizations unavailable, a newly formed super-group were called upon by the Freedom City Police Department to stop a casino heist. After a contentious briefing by Captain Maddicks, who had very little confidence in the group, they were dispatched to the Paradise Hotel, Casino, and Lounge.

SWAT Teams from most of the boroughs in South Freedom were surrounding the establishment, ensuring that the criminals had no obvious avenue of escape. Upon their arrival, the heroes found all of the windows and doors were barred by extremely thick layers of ice, preventing the authorities from gaining access. Of course, in short order, the heroes were able to make their way past the impediment and into the “eye of the storm,” which was exactly what they found when they entered the casino.

When Creation and Magnet gained entry into the casino, they literally found a storm raging inside, complete with high winds, rain, and thunder. It didn’t take Creation long to find the source of the unnatural storm, which was The Weather Mistress, who was hiding in the casino manager’s office. He was able to subdue her, which instantly caused the storm to cease. Unfortunately, she was able to alert her comrades, who shortly entered the battle.

Before the team knew it, the remainder of the Thieves’ Guild emerged from the vault, in the basement, to challenge the casino’s liberators. While the heroes were able to dispatch the first two villains (Firebug and Looking Glass) with relative ease, the final two proved to be a far greater challenge; but, in the end, the majority of the guild was subdued and brought to justice. Unfortunately, in the chaos of combat, The Bola was killed.

Before the heroes were able to return to the precinct, to follow up with Captain Maddicks, they were able to find themselves in a non-existent limbo, face to face with the Norn. She saved their lives – and their existence – before the entire omniverse was obliterated by the Terminus, and its dark lord, Omega. She eventually revealed that she plucked them from their reality in order to send them head-long onto a universe-spanning, reality-bending quest that would literally save an the heroes’ home, as well as an infinite number of realities.

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