The Weather Mistress


Gender: Female

General Information

Real Name: Cortney Cline
Current Alias: The Weather Mistress
Identity: Secret
Affiliations: Thieves’ Guild


Before reaching age 18, Cortney Cline saw her agricultural kinfolk financially ruined by a severe drought, the family homestead destroyed by a flood, and her parents killed by a tornado. Later, while walking through a blizzard to the menial job that supported her through college, Cortney vowed fate’s cruel hand—the weather—would no longer control her destiny, and instead she would be its mistress! From then on, Cline dedicated herself to studying meteorology and any manner of technology which might allow her to bend the very elements to her will.

Several years, many research grants, and numerous failures later, Cline finally hit upon the discovery she sought. Unbeknownst to her, success was made possible by devices indirectly acquired from Dr. Stratos. These gadgets were non-functional, but (like Captain Thunder) became imbued with trace energies from Stratos’ mutant weather-control powers. Cline incorporated pieces of these gadgets into her masterwork, a device she dubbed “the Weather Vane.” With it, she reshapes local climates with but a thought.

Despite her achievement, she still didn’t feel the scales of fate were balanced, and set out to steal the riches life “owed her all along.” Since then, Cortney Cline has perverted the forces of nature to sate her greed as the costumed criminal known as the Weather Mistress.

The Weather Mistress

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