The Huckster


Real Name: Johnny Goff
Alias: The Huckster
Identity: Secret
Affiliations: The Thieves’ Guild


Johnny Goff is a born salesman, maybe the best who ever lived. Selling ice to the Eskimos was just another day’s work for a man of his abilities, and soon arrogance and greed seduced him into hawking dangerously defective products. Someone was bound to get seriously hurt, and eventually a sales-trip through southwest Virginia peddling home-brewed “low-calorie beer” left a lot of blind hillbillies in its wake. One class-action lawsuit later, Goff was left with nothing but a warehouse full of fatally faulty merchandise.

Goff’s psyche was always a bit on the edge, and poverty more than pushed him over it. Determined to rebuild his lost fortune at any cost, he modified his hazardously defective gadgets into even more deadly devices, and dubbed himself the Huckster, after the traveling charlatans of old. Like them, the Huckster is all about the sales pitch, but his spellbinding blarney is always a prelude to much more blatant and direct thefts.

The Huckster

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