The Firebug


An only child, Shawn Hensley was completely indulged by his wealthy parents, and considered a bright, promising child until the day he started a fire just to watch the pretty flames. The Hensleys spared no expense to rid little Shawn of his pyromania, and in time the lad was seemingly cured.
In truth, Hensley sublimated his condition, and every aspect of his life—including his advanced technological studies—disguised an obsessive search for new ways of creating infernos. Later, his mother and father perished in just such a blaze, secretly set by their “cured” son.

His parents’ deaths made him rich, but Shawn wanted more. Inspired by other costumed villains, he spent his entire inheritance becoming the arsonist crook known as the Firebug. In this guise, the deceptively lucid Hensley commits crimes to fund the development of new high-tech devices, all designed to make more pretty flames for his amusement.


The Firebug

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