The Bola


Eduardo Guerrero’s father raised him to follow in his footsteps and become one of Argentina’s hardworking native cowboys, the gauchos. Outside of his natural skill with a bola (a gaucho’s traditional weapon), Eddie proved himself a poor cowpoke. This was due mainly to his overriding interest in the village ladies, whom the charming, handsome young man loved and abandoned on a whim. Eventually, a legion of angry fathers and husbands forced him to take flight from his village.

Seeing no more appealing alternative, Eddie then turned to crime. He did so in the most flamboyant manner possible (to impress the mamacitas, of course) as the costumed bandito known as Las Boleadoras. After a successful crime spree in Argentina, Las Boleadoras headed for the U.S. in search of bigger heists and more lovely ladies. Now in America, the Bola’s roguish charm and skill with his array of trick weapons make him a supervillain to be reckoned with, but his greatest weakness remains a pretty face.

Character History

This is the begining of the history

The Bola

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