Looking Glass


Gender: Female

General Information

Real Name: Marguerite Frey
Current Alias: Looking Glass
Identity: Secret
Affiliations: Thieves’ Guild


Since early childhood, Marguerite Frey has been the most beautiful person anyone had ever seen. Everyone told her so, and it wasn’t long before she believed it, too. Thereafter Marguerite was never far from a mirror, admiring her own beauty as much as anyone else ever did.

She was vain to be sure, but Marguerite’s devotion to her looking glass went far beyond mere narcissism. With a passion bordering on mania, she learned everything she could about mirrors: how they worked, how they were made, and their history. In time she unlocked the deepest secrets of the reflecting pane, including previously undiscovered scientific applications bordering on sorcery.

Looking Glass

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