Cover i mage twoAs the twentieth anniversary of the Terminus invasion grew near, Freedom City had nearly returned to normal. The buildings had been rebuilt; a new generation of heroes were being trained at Clairmont Academy; and Freedom League had been reconstituted as the premiere force of good in the world. Unfortunately, in many ways, the city had never recovered from its wounds. The memorial, downtown, stood as a monolithic testament to the heroes who were lost; and, even twenty years later, the death of Centurion was still like an open wound on the soul of the city.

In the midst of the sorrow… In the midst of the unresolved questions… In the midst of the incredible uncertainly, a new group of heroes were gathered together to help mend the city in her darkest hour. While they come from vastly different circumstances and wildly different backgrounds, each of the heroes know that a day will come that they will be called upon to save the city… the planet… maybe the entire universe, and whatever is beyond.

Shortly after their formation, the Freedom City Police Department asked the heroes to help apprehend the villainous Thieves’ Guild, who were looting a casino. While not with perfectly precision, the heroes overcame the villains; but, before they could enjoy the accolades of their victory, the world around them vanishes. They found themselves trapped in the limitless void of the Terminus, being handed a grand and epic quest by a mysterious force, known as the Norn.

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Issue 1
The End of the Worlds
June 1, 2012

The Freedom City Chronicles

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